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“Each living creature carries deep in its soul a unique fragrance.
My art is revealing its inner beauty.”

Mauro Malatini began his journey as a Herbal Health Technician (University of Perugia, Faculty of Pharmacy) focusing on phytotherapy. In 2013 he decided to bet on his personal talent by launching a bold, challenging project: a permanent atelier and a travelling workshop in which he could examine the personalities of individuals, brands, and events in order to create unique fragrances that are able to tell stories and describe personalities, attitudes, and peculiarities.

Personal fragrance, parfum à porter, signature scent for brands and events:

discover the evolution of perfume through one-of-a-kind products.

Scent of the Soul


A tailored sensorial experience dedicated to self-discovery and wellness, which aims to create the perfect fragrance that treasures the distinctive features of one’s identity and personality. A harmony of olfactory notes selected directly by the person whom the session is focused on.




A delightful game that invites to enrich a staple fragrance skillfully created by the Perfumer by adding one’s favourite scents. This esperience combines the sharing of a common core with the authenticity of countless tailored variations.


Fragrance Marketing


An exquisite service meant to convey brand identity through totally customized scents which can be used in the most varied ways: as exclusive room fragrances, valuable cadeaux, or highlight of a special event.


Parfum de Mariage


A tailored fragrance that can imprint a love story deep into memory. It can enrich the air of the sweetest day, be donated as a refined gift, or be used as the core of a precious Parfum-à-Porter that can be customized by guests.


Parfum on the sofa


A luxury service consisting in the creation of a personalized perfume in the comfort of your own home. Enjoy this experience in complete privacy or share it in an exclusive private event.


Food experience


In association with professional Chefs, the Perfumer creates unique experiences meant to lead the guests through a multi-sensory journey. Flavours, fragrances, and stories will stimulate the senses and inspire a daydream into pleasure and discovery.




Sensory lectures and olfactory tales are focused on topics related to history, arts, culture, and individuality. These events provide for guided sensory experiences that can offer high-quality entertainment as part of public or private events.




Exclusive events in which each participant has the chance to create a custom scented balm while learning basic cosmetological knowledge in tune with the principles of herbalism. Mauro’s workshops are suitable for both private events and business activities.




An original concept which turns the act of visiting artistic and cultural sites such as museums, theatres, palaces, and much more into an olfactory itinerary in which specifically selected essences enrich the tour by engaging participants in a memorable multisensory experience.


The Perfumer carries in his fragrant baggage all the essential items of his workshop in order to bring his art all over the world.


Below you can discover more about the most important events carried out over recent years:

Fashion Night of Milan and Florence
Creation of a Parfum-à-Porter and a line of exclusive fragrances for Malloni fashion company.


Fashion Night Out of Moscow
Creation of Parfum-à-Porter in the exquisite setting of the most important luxury department store, TSUM, for Paloma Barcelò. Sensorial experience focused on Irina Sheik.


Launch of the new Porsche Cayenne, Perugia
Creation of the olfactory theme for the presentation of the new luxury car.


Launch of “Alone” by Bottega Malatini, Paris
Debut of the company’s first line of fragrances at Prèmiere-Classe, Jardin des Tuileries.


Benelli Armi Spa, Dubai
Creation of Parfum-à-Porter in the international setting of Hotel Atlantis.


Participation to Super Brain (Italian TV show on national broadcaster)
The Perfumer took part to the program offering an olfactory experience.


Creation of Parfum-à-Porter for Benelli Armi Spa.
Creation of Parfum-à-Porter for Benelli Armi Spa.


Press day Paoloni
Creation of Parfum-à-Porter for the homonymous fashion company.


Disco Club Shada, Civitanova Marche
Creation of the company’s olfactory logo and formulation of different fragrances for clubbing events.


Launch of Nuova Mini, Ancona
Creation of the olfactory theme for the presentation of the new car.


Galleria Cavour-Vassé, Bologna
Creation of the olfactory theme for the prestigious Italian commercial icon.

An olfactory talent devoted to creativity.
The ability to translate dreams and reality into fragrances.
The mission of catching the scent of every soul.

Are you looking for the right corporate fragrance for your brand?

Would you like to live an unforgettable experience that will give you a souvenir you can wear on your skin?


The Perfumer of the Soul can make your wishes come true.

Contact Bottega Malatini to book the service you are looking for or ask to have one tailored to your needs: you will have experience, creativity, and sensitivity at your service.

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